Soccer and Education

Support from start to finish

We aim to assist our clients every step of the way to help them ensure a college scholarship while playing the sport they love. By combining athletic and academic abilities, you can make a college education in the United States affordable and have an amazing experience in this great country. See below for the details of our process.

The first step
The first step

Reach out

Get a “free assessment” from our website. It’s easy and quick and helps us evaluate your chances of receiving a scholarship

-or you can…

contact us through our many platforms and we will set up a meeting.

Meet Us

Meet with us at our office and we will introduce our process and further evaluate your soccer and academic abilities

-once you’ve made a decision to make your dream come true…

we’ll inform you of the upcoming tasks that you need to take care of to start the process

With our support
With our support

Complete Tasks

It’s necessary to take the required tests to be eligible to play and study

  • Registration for the SAT/ACT and TOEFL tests
  • send us a highlight film that we will look over and make sure everything is up to standard
  • complete a resume that will give coaches more detailed information about you as a person, player and scholar

Promotion Begins

Once we have all your information, we will reach out to coaches and introduce you as a potential student-athlete

-once you’re in contact with a coach/coaches…

we will assist and guide you in communication with coaches

Decision time
Decision time

College Commitment

Once you’ve committed to a school we will assist you, along with the coach and admission office, in the completion of all remaining paperwork

US Entry

A student visa is necessary for getting into the US and we will help you in that process

Experience Begins

Your exciting new experience as a student-athlete in the United States begins!